Project Week!

It is officially the end of the school year — thank goodness! This has been a tough year and I am DONE with it.

At our school, the last five days are “Project Week,” where teachers run a project they are passionate about and work with a bunch of different kids than they might regularly see. The first year I worked with two other teachers and we did a Star Wars project. The second year, the three of us did one about The Lord of the Rings. Last year, another teacher and I did “Life Skills”. This year, I wasn’t really on top of working with other people, so I ended up being on my own. Since I was on my own, I did my own thing: Medieval Times! We have learned about Old English, built castles, whacked each other with swords made out of pool noodles, and watched Merlin to our hearts’ content.

I wanted to do something a little special for the last day, and all my kids know what a crazy baker I am, so I made the closest approximation I could get to a black peasant bread.

Here is the recipe (Black Bread). It’s not that hard to make and it’s pretty darn delicious, especially if you eat it with time-period appropriate accoutrements (read: honey and jam…yummmmmmmmmm). Needless to say, these two hefty loaves were gone within a matter of minutes.

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_2935

Another baking project on my plate (hee hee) was that it was cake-making time! Recently, my cakes have been coming out quite dense. This might be due to the fact that Flagstaff is at high-altitude or maybe I’m doing something wrong for the recipe with the altitude, but anyhow, I really, really didn’t want my cake coming out dense and dry. I made it for a friend and coworker for her baby shower — it had to be excellent! So I found this recipe (Best Chocolate Cake…Seriously). It…was…FANTASTIC. It was moist and chocolatey but not too rich and I found myself wanting to each the whole cake myself! I layered it with raspberry jam and coated it with a cream cheese buttercream so it wouldn’t be too sweet. Lastly, even though I’m a terrible decorator, I tried my best at a little monkey. The parents are going for a monkey theme (because their son is going to be born in the year of the monkey), and so this little fella emerged on the cake top. Thank god I practiced. My first monkey looked more like a pig! But, all in all, I think this was pretty successful.


FullSizeRender (1)


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