Mississippi Mud Pie (Or How I Learned to Make Fake Chocolate Graham Crackers)

Oh Target.

You magical land of needless purchases.

I love Target unreasonably. Perhaps because Target has been there for all my unreasonable shopping moments: late-night runs for ice cream and girl movies, Star Wars decor, nail polish splurges… Everyone makes the jokes about how you go to Target to buy milk and you come out having spent $100, bought new drapes, and still don’t have milk. It’s so true. Tonight was no exception.

It all started when I needed to make a dessert for Pasta Night. Pasta Night is a wonderful tradition some of our friends started. Every other Friday, friends of ours have an open invitation to whoever wants to come and hang out and eat pasta. It’s great because it’s different people every week, usually, and good food to go with the good company. Usually, as well, I make the dessert. Because it’s me. That’s what I do. I make dessert. Sure, last time I made appetizer dips, but let’s be honest…my handle is DessertGirl. I think that speaks for itself, y’all.

I turned to my trusty “Recipes” folder on my browser and spent some time flipping through the recipes. The only thing that struck my fancy was this Mississippi Mud Pie recipe from Sugar and Soul, that I think I got from a list of Valentine’s Day chocolatey goodies. But it called for chocolate graham crackers and I didn’t want to go out. Until I remembered I needed to also pick up my prescriptions.

So I went to Target.


And somehow, I didn’t manage to come home with chocolate graham crackers. I came home with plain little dessert plates for Instagram pictures, sour Starburst jellybeans, and a party-sized bag of shredded Mexican cheese (dey some nachos in ma future), but no chocolate graham crackers. This is mostly because Target had none. Like, none. Like, they called the back and had four people concerned about the lack of chocolate graham crackers and there still were none, not even Teddy Grahams.

So I was faced with a dilemma. To use Nilla Wafers? To use regular graham crackers? ON A CHOCOLATE PIE? I don’t think so, ha ha. I said that in my mother’s voice. She’s a sassy one, that one. You’ve got to watch out. And she knows her chocolate. We all do, us Reinhardts. We know our chocolate.

Thus, I forged my own path.

The extremely difficult path of adding chocolate powder. If you need to replicate, just add a tablespoon or two to your regular graham cracker crust. If it’s too powdery, melt another tablespoon or two of butter to match.

I also added vanilla extract instead of chocolate (didn’t have any chocolate and that’s probably good because I have a real problem with extracts…the picture below doesn’t even include my homemade vanilla and mint extracts)


and a pinch of salt, which I think made it a lot better.


But seriously, the payoff was real.

This mud pie was luxuriously rich, just on the verge of too sweet, and one slice was plenty. Unless you’re me. In which case, chocolate runs in your veins and you go home with the blob in the center of the pie tin and eat it immediately. Because you have no shame. And also love chocolate.

Undoubtedly it would be different with actual chocolate graham crackers, but I thought my version was just as nice, as well.



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