Happy Valentine’s Day…Sweets Edition

I had a four-day weekend this weekend, and I didn’t make nearly as many things as you might think I would.

But oh my have I made up for it today. And how awkward things have gone today! Today has been one of those days where I literally throw stuff together and go, “Well, okay!”

It started out simply enough. I still had some leftover citrus fruit, so I decided to make some jellied fruit peel candy. I should come up with a fancy word for it because on Smitten Kitchen’s website she calls them Orangettes which is so cute, but I made them out of every citrus fruit OTHER than oranges…so…

Citrusettes? Chocolate covered citrus fruit peel? Zingies? Ugh, help. I have no cute little names for my candies.

(Having said that, the first time I made these, they were a revelation. I had grown up with what we called “chocolate-covered orange sticks” from Trader Joe’s [Oh TJs, how I miss thee, you expensive, blissful metropolis of hipster food before hipsters]. When I found this recipe and they sounded similar, I jumped on the opportunity, and when they turned out identical to my beloved childhood snack, I was through the roof! That was a year ago for my dad’s last birthday [I made him an assortment of candy: orangettes, chocolate-dipped peanuts, toffee, and peanut brittle…god I love all those things…Daddy’s girl after all, eh?], and I have been wondering since if I could do it with other kinds of citrus fruits. So today’s experiment includes lemon, lime, and grapefruit peel. Because, again, I am obsessed with those three fruits.)

In making Zingies (I have spoken and it shall be named thus), I ended up with a bunch of citrus fruit. The limes I carved up last night and squeezed whatever moistness I could manage into some gin and tonic. Because gin is fabulous and tonic makes it better and lime juice makes it best. Today, though, I just sliced up them lemons and grapefruit for the Zingies. When I was done, though, I had a bunch of leftover fruit. So, I pulped it, threw a cup of sugar in it, and turned it into citrus jam. There is literally no recipe for this. I pureed the citrus fruit, dumped in a cup of sugar, and boiled the heck out of it for about an hour. It’s pretty sturdy right now and I have no regrets.

And since I made jam, I had to make something for the jam to go on. So I made some rolls.

Boy howdy are these rolls ugly.

But as long as they taste good (which they do, though they are pretty dense…which I like…), I could care less. I ended up with twelve of them and I’m hoping they’ll last long enough for me to eat as snacks with my salads this week.

Okay, there’s only ten left. They might not last.

Speaking of salads, I was telling one of my friends about my salad schemes of the past few weeks. I am officially on the kale train. It has left the station and is bound for beautiful dark green fields of deliciousness. I find kale is a lot more delicious when you’ve essentially marinated it overnight and given its tough fibrousness some time to ease up and break down a little. To get this, I make a dressing of about half a lemon’s worth of juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, a diced garlic clove, and a pinch of salt. Anyhow, she suggested that to speed up my process, I just roast a whole head of garlic in the oven and smush it up into a jar and take out what I need a little at a time.


Oh my god my house smelled so good last night. Then I ate two cloves with my dinner. Which was literally pasta, butter, and garlic. Oh, and salt, because salt is amazing. It was succulent and I want more of it immediately but am resisting because risotto for dinner tonight, courtesy of my adorable husband. But I literally can’t wait to put that roasty goodness in my salads. Yum.

Lastly, I made homemade peanut butter cups. Because yum. The end. Enjoy the following gallery of hopefully delicious pictures.

Oh just kidding, I also made Smitten Kitchen’s Thick, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies last night because Valentine’s Day and they’re my husband’s favorite type of cookie. We ate them all. And have no pictures because they were too good. #sorrynotsorry


FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 10

And also from adventuring recently.


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