Chicken and Cookies

My husband isn’t feeling well.

Like always, this means he expresses a very little opinion when it comes to dinner.

This means I do what I want.

This means one slight disaster and one triumph.

The chicken was the slight disaster, but I think I can fix it for next time. Here is the link for the dinner I made: Chicken with Bacon Mustard Sauce. Suggestions: Bake it. Don’t drown it in chicken stock like the recipe suggests. Nothing thickened and it turned into a vague soup, from which I had to fish out my dinner. Blegch. And it muted the flavors. If I had popped it into the oven after searing everything (and I do mean an excellent sear, that bacon should have been crispy), then it might have been better. Also, my friend who made it and recommended it added mushrooms, which was also delicious.

Then dinner ended. And I wanted something sweet (I always want something sweet… I’m only human!). And there was nothing sweet. I had eaten the rest of the lime cardamom frozen yogurt earlier in the day. I had made brownies earlier in the week that disappointed me, so I was not in the mood to try again. Maybe my cookie hate had run out? Maybe some simple chocolate chip cookies?

So I found these: Easiest, Half-Batch, One-Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies. The longest part of this process was chilling them for twenty minutes. Quick note: the recipe called for salted butter, which I did not have (I never do!) so I put in 1/4 tsp kosher salt and my hubby said they could have been saltier, so maybe up it to closer to 1/2 tsp salt. BUT, they were quick and easy and I only made ten because who wants to portion cookies properly? As my husband said mere seconds after I handed him the first one,

“This is a quality cookie.”

I think I’ll leave that there.



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