Happy Birthday, Dad!

It’s that time of year again! Dad’s birthday! It’s like birthdays are annual…

Last year, it was my first year being really into baking, so I went all out. I made a two-layer white cake with raspberry jam in between the layers and a seven-minute frosting, topped with decorative blueberries.

FullSizeRender 19

An adorable picture from last year.

However, you may notice that there are a few things I could have done better. I couldn’t whip up the frosting enough to be truly wonderful. I didn’t trim the cake, so you can see it looking decidedly lopsided. And there was no chilling of anything, so everything was very runny after we cut into it.

FullSizeRender 13


Having said that, it was delicious.

This year, however, we’re going a little simpler. I have made a single-layer (single-layer? moi?? I know.) vanilla cake with the salted caramel frosting I made for the last cake, the Christmas one. Divine, that salted caramel. This time, I used a cake recipe specifically for high altitude in an attempt to diversify and experiment. I think it was pretty tasty. High Altitude Vanilla Cake (I did add a little smidgen of almond extract [soooo small] to beef up the flavor a little.)

Having said that, it looked pretty special.

I made the extra frosting blue (not really the best choice, but there you go). I started the lettering and my mom finished it, so it kind of goes Happy BirtHDAY, hahaha, because she got kind of excited. Lastly, my dad chose the sprinkles: all the colors and big green sugar pearls.


You will notice, too, that my dad still has pretty snappy taste in t-shirts.


Love ya and stuff.


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