Recipe Reviews

This week, things gon’ get crazy.

For those of you who don’t live in Flagstaff (i.e. most of you), you may not have been aware of the insane snowstorm we were hit with this last week. For reference, we had one delay day and three snow days out of five. Next week’s schedule is all kinds of messed up.

Most important, my eating schedule is thrown off. Because that is the most important part of my day, obviously. Not the joy that comes from unabashed dancing in your Zumba class, not the pure exhilaration that comes from watching a student suddenly understand a concept, not reveling in a job well done, for its own reward… Eating.

You may laugh, but may I remind you of the dangers of hanger. I have to teach small children. I cannot subject them to hanger.

So because I know I need to make sure to eat enough this week at weird times, may I present you with the pre-made eating materials I have made for this week:

I am not here to write out all the recipes (they comes from great, clickable sources) but to review. Some of these are going out on a limb, a little, so I’m here for you.

Granola Bars

Yes. These are winners. Bake them for longer than I did, though! They didn’t keep together as well as I would have liked, and it’s because they didn’t bake long enough. Having said that, they are sweet, filling, and delicious. I have been eating them as a mid-morning snack and I love them. I also feel so much better about eating them since I know exactly what went into them. 10/10 would recommend.

Brown Rice Krispie Treats:

Not spectacular.

I am, frankly, underwhelmed. Alton Brown has you put in flaxseed oil, because health and also smushing things together, but my husband referred to that flavor as “fishy”. Gee, thanks, sweetie. It’s not quite so *ahem* “fishy” *ahem* when you eat a piece with more marshmallow, but there also wasn’t really enough marshmallow. Plus, I didn’t use a big enough bowl, so puffed brown rice ERRRWHERE.

Final notes: more marshies, bigger bowls, perhaps add a dash of vanilla flavoring. Just a pinch. And a pinch o’ salt, because that makes all sweet things better.

Update: It’s a week and a half later and I’ve barely eaten any of them. Not making them again, I don’t think. I can find different low-cal sweet options in my life.

Oat and Wheat Bread

I think I need a second loaf pan. At least, if I’m going to make double loaves of bread at the same time. I did a very silly thing, where I baked one loaf and left the other one out on the counter. It is quite difficult to wrestle an over-proofed loaf into a loaf pan and have it not look like butt. Thankfully, it tasted good, haha. In fact, fresh out of the oven I could have eaten the whole loaf in one go. No butter, no jam, no nothing, it was so good. Having said that, I need a better way to store my bread. Currently, I am storing my bread in those big gallon bags. No bueno. It simultaneously dries it out and also gives it a gummy quality to the top after a few days. But definitely would make again.

Breakfast Sandwiches

How did I ever live without these puppies? They’re amazing. I bake six eggs in ramekins for about 12 minutes, so the white is set and the yolk isn’t runny but it’s not totally done. Then, I assemble the sandwiches: English muffin, Canadian bacon (because you don’t have to cook it), slice of cheese (with the corners bent in so that it doesn’t stick over the edge) and an egg. Put the whole caboodle into a ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat it, wrap it in a paper towel, stick it in the microwave (on a plate, I feel the need to say that), and microwave it on each side for 1 min. 15-30 sec. Then, devour as soon as possible and enjoy the complex nutritional value for several hours. Also, the taste. So good. For more bang for your buck, get light cheese slices, turkey bacon, and whole grain English muffins.


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