Busy, Busy, and So Little Time to Share!

You’ll have to excuse me for not posting more, it’s been a very busy time in my life. It is, after all, back-to-school season. So between getting back from our Oregon vacation and then preparing for school, it’s been pretty crazy. Hopefully, things will slow down and get back into the swing of things soon, and hopefully that will mean more regular posting since I’ve now got coworkers to bake for. I have been doing plenty of things! Just not sharing on this blog… sorry… Now’s the time!


For my birthday, my parents got me Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes, by Peter Wynne and Tina Rupp. So naturally I had to make the weirdest one first: blue cornmeal cake with whipped frosting that didn’t whip enough. Sigh. It just wasn’t cooperating and makes me afeared for my meringue I’m supposed to be making Wednesday. With rain threatening. Double sigh.

Plus, I had yet to get skewers to help stabilize my cake, and the whipped frosting was oh so slippery, so I literally had to shove the cake back into alignment at a stoplight. Please ignore the fingerprints on that slice of cake.

I also seem to have a difficult time decorating cakes. I perhaps should take some lessons, because I am apparently quite heavy-handed, as you will see with the massive amount of pecan dust I accidentally dumped onto this cake. It was definitely supposed to be daintily sprinkled on the top. Oh well, it looked interesting! If not pretty! And was delicious! It had just a hint of cayenne pepper in it and was dense without being heavy, and odd combo.IMG_2178

IMG_2180For my birthday, I made myself a chocolate cake with jam filling and berry buttercream frosting. I don’t have a picture of a slice, but this is what the cake itself looked like:


For my first real cake decorating experience, I didn’t think it was too bad! But again, not great. Just average(ish). Next time, though, I am going to take off the edges so everything is nice and crisp. This was tasty, but uneven. I also saw the COOLEST TRICK where you use a ruler (a ruler!) to make the frosting all smooth and even. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it!

For my birthday, I also got pizza, which I didn’t make myself but I wanted to include a picture because they forgot to cut the slices all the way, and so I only had one slice of pizza, but…that’s a full-size dinner plate and this was a full-size slice o’ pizza.

FullSizeRender 2

I also made about three or four sets of waffles (amazing):


And I also discovered that jam of all things is luciously good on waffles. Why on EARTH had I only been using syrup all these years?? Instead of my usual, super-heavy combo of peanut butter and syrup, the jam made everything lighter and fresher. I definitely need more of that in my life.

Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with ice cream. I made a lovely chocolate ice cream with salted caramel, but I don’t think my freezy, churny bit had frozen all the way and so it was a little icy after it froze properly. My second batch has been leaps and bounds better and far and away more interesting: sweet corn and blackberry sauce.



I cannot even begin to describe how unique and glorious this ice cream is. At first, you’re like, “whoa! It tastes like corn! I don’t know how I feel about this!” But it’s sweet and addicting and refreshing and the blackberry sauce runs tartly through it and wow. I am definitely making this one again. I am in love. With corn ice cream.

P.S. To get all the corny flavor out, you slice all the kernels off but then you also run the back of your knife up and down the shorn cob to get all the juices out, a process known as “milking”. Very odd but it worked!


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