Lemony Lightness — The Result

I decided what to make.  I’m in a cake-making mood.  As nice as a bread pudding would be, I didn’t really have any old bread on hand and I’d already made something bready the day before (see yesterday’s post on blackberry sticky buns).  Plus, I want an opportunity to play more with frosting.  The last time I made a layer cake, it experienced all manner of first-time layer cake making.  I didn’t have enough of the right kind of stuff to make a good frosting, my layers were wobbly, the icing all basically melted off and was too hard and thin (rather than fluffy and soft like I like). . . Essentially, it tasted fine and looked passable but I was disappointed, though the person for whom it was made kindly remembers it very fondly.

So today is layer-cake attempt #2!  This time, I made a lemon silk cake with lemon cream cheese frosting (hopefully the lemon in the frosting will keep it from being too heavy) and with more frosting and a wild berry jam in the middle, sadly not of my own making.

Side note, recently I’ve been getting into making more of my own stuff — peanut butter, hummus, all my baked goods are now from scratch and I wouldn’t dream of opening a box or a can, etc., but there are some things which lack of space and equipment have really cut down on for me.  One of those things is canning and jarring, which makes me sad because jam.  Sigh.  I love jam.  I’m not Joey in Friends crazy about jam, I can’t eat it straight from a spoon, but I do love it smeared on just about anything: a cracker with cheese, a baked good, toast. . . So, very sadly indeed, my jam is store-bought.  Don’t worry, my bread’s homemade.

This is not an original recipe, so you can find the original recipe here:


She’s awesome and I love her fun dessert recipes.  Be warned, though, I did not like her caramel recipe and I ended up with rocky, sticky chunks.  Use Smitten Kitchen’s instead.

So, results.  First of all, DO NOT FORGET TO FLOUR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAN.  BETTER YET, PUT PARCHMENT PAPER DOWN.  THIS LED TO SOME VERY INVENTIVE FROSTING.  0/10, does not recommend for forgetting to flour the pan.  Aside from that, it looks lovely!

FullSizeRender 49

FullSizeRender 50

Even better, it was delicious!  Positive reviews all around!  The cake itself was light and moist, the jam a wonderful compliment (though I do think any berry jam will be wonderful), and the lemon in the frosting lightened it up so it wasn’t overwhelming.  Yay!


FullSizeRender 53

Additionally, I got excited about a very quick and easy shortbread recipe I found (again, on Smitten Kitchen) and threw some lavender in.  I recently bought a French lavender plant because a.) spring and b.) I thought I could throw the lavender into recipes, perhaps.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of lavender but I figured it was probably the recipes they were in (lavender and green tea cupcakes. . .not my thing).  So today, when I saw some nice buds on my lavender plant, I snipped them right off, chopped them up, and threw them into my shortbread cookies.

End result? Floral, peppery, delightful in the buttery, crumbly shortbread.  I am definitely making these again!

FullSizeRender 51

FullSizeRender 52


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